Cool jacket, kid!


Finding “the one” perfect leather jacket, jeans, coat, piece is like finding Mr. Right. It’s hard and can’t take years. Sometimes we have to play around with the wrong pieces to figure it out what’s good. With that being said, I can easily say that finding this jacket was like finding a husband. I spent literally 2 to 4 years searching from vintage shops to high street trying to find a jacket that would suit/fit me (bib boobs problem haha) and then one day, I found this one lost in Wallis. The minute I saw it, I knew it. It was love. <3

Wearing: Wallis jacket, River Island shirt, Forever 21 leggings and H&M rings.



How NOT to be a bad blogger

Such a Flour; how not to be a bad blogger

Hello everybody! You probably don’t know that but I started blogging in 2010. I had countless blogs with different names, different themes, different things. Before Such a Flour I had a blog called “RWVGIRL” for three years, I learned everything there, from html to analytics, but it came a time when the blog wasn’t expressing who I was or what I wanted to do in life. So I deleted it and Such a Flour was born. It’s been quite a journey, with lots of ups and downs and lots of breaks and returns.

I promised myself that in 2015 my main goal was to work really hard on my blog, I took loads of breaks during my move to Brazil and my move back to England last year. Not good for business. My blog suffered and now I’m paying the price and feeling the consequences of those breaks. Blogging is like having a child, if you stop feeding it, it will eventually die. Don’t be a bad parent, feed your blog.

So I decided to share with you my mistakes. What I’m constantly trying to change about my blogging habits and I hope it can help you to deal with your problems.

Here we go!

1) Don’t let things that are happening outside your blogging life keep you from your blog: I know it’s really hard when you study or work, or both (trust me, I do both) but there are ways of staying organised and keep your blog going. It really helps to make a calendar.If you read blogs constantly you’ve probably read this in loads of them, but trust me, it really helps, because if you already know what your post is about, it’s quicker to just jump at it then doing without knowing, and helps to let you know what you’re talking about, what is repetitive or not good for your blog. Create columns, for example, every Friday you’ll visit Such a Flour and find a book review. It helps you and readers as well. Just don’t let it die, because the more you stay away from your blog, the more difficult it is to get it all back. 

2) The higher the pressure, the lower the speed: If your life is taking all your energy but you still want to keep blogging, reduce the number of posts per week. If you usually post 4/5 times reduce to 2/3. And keep it simple, don’t try to make super duper complicated posts during busy times.

3) Let’s get personal: I know it’s hard to put out feelings out there sometimes, if it’s hard with real people online it’s way harder. But if you’re struggling with something, blogging or really personal, sometimes sharing with readers really help. There is always someone out there that can relate to what you’re going through.

4) Love, Love, Love: Just blog if you’re madly in love with it. Otherwise there is no point actually. It’s LOADS of work and “beautiful pictures” alone won’t make a successful blog. I’m obsessed with it, and my blog helped and taught me so much that I feel a massive hole every time I stop.

5) CH CH CH Changeees: As human beings, we are meant to change from time to time. Some people more than others, but we all do. And that is fine, and that have nothing to do with age, current situation, etc. For example, I love fashion with all my heart, I used to be obsessed with it, collect Vogues (still do) read everything, all the time, my goal was to be a stylist. I was 100% sure of it, and my blog reflected that, fashion fashion fashion. Until over christmas break I had a… sort of revelation. I love graphic design. I want to do something with it, but yet again I thought “I’m 25, might be to old to change now, lets just stick with fashion” but then again, I realised that putting age into something that had nothing to do with it, was a way of limiting myself. So I’m currently studying graphic design – mainly by myself and reading 100000 books about it.And my blog will also feel the change. Fashion will no longer be the 100% focus of Such a Flour. And that’s okay. It’s tricky to change and start new things, I know I’m still adapting with new content, but it’s fine. Just keep doing it.

Well, I don’t want this post to get bigger than already is. So, I’m stopping here. I hope my tips helped and I’ll try to follow my own advice haha.

Now, tell me, what is the technique you guys use not to be a bad blogger?




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Hello everybody! Another Vogue Covers book, but this one is about the British Vogue. The difference I felt between this book and the other one is that it explains more of the technicalities of a cover, like, what sells, the models in the picture should make eye contact with the reader, still-life covers don’t work, green logos don’t sell and so on. The mess and complicated orchestra behind a photoshoot and people’s schedules. Which in my opinion is very important to be seem, it annoys me a bit when in fashion books this business side or the struggles are left aside to focus on glamour.

 On the bottom of every cover there is an explanation about the process and who did it, who was the illustrator and what it was about. That is the richest detail of this book, it gives you an idea of what it was important back then and what it was the right way to connect with readers, specially when talking about difficult subjects such as war.

I won’t give it too much so you can still be curious and it’s totally worth buying it and reading. Sometimes we buy our favourite magazines and go through it without even noticing the cover or paying little attention to it.

You can find Vogue Covers on Amazon.




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I have a thing for doors – now that is the weirdest sentence you can possibly hear from a human being – I love to shoot outside them, I don’t care if they are big or small or which colour they are. I always want to stand in front of them and take my photos. London is a heaven for a door lover like me, every single door is cute as hell, specially when they have loads of tiny details and pastel colours.

For this winter, I’ve decided that I wanted to try different things, I’m a more coats over jacket person when it comes to winter, and even though sometimes I think I’m missing out something I truly like the idea of putting some nice big coat and feeling warm. So, I never – ever ever – in my entire existence had a parka coat. It was always a trench or some girly type, parkas were always something I looked from a distance. This winter I thought it was time to join the club, bought my first parka and GOD! It’s too comfortable for my own good, I can easily get sleepy wearing this thing. Totally worth it.

Wearing: Parka from Primark, Shirt from Mango, Jeans River Island, Bag Forever 21 and Shoes Santa Lolla.